Concrete Production Automation

Concrete Production Automation

Our automation system includes e-Waybill, ebis data matrix and all the reports you need. With its Cloud-supported structure, My Facilities automatically updates data such as orders, recipes, customers, and construction sites without the need for the operator to enter. At the same time, you can monitor the stock amount in all your construction sites, all your shipments, and manage your facility.

It is a computer-aided electronic system that allows the concrete to be prepared automatically or, if necessary, manually. The computer program, which can be downloaded from our website and installed simply, has a user-friendly interface that anyone can use. It has multi-language support.

During automatic operation, the lid can be opened gradually to prevent overflow and splashing. In case of moisture measuring probes, the water and aggregate ratios are adjusted automatically according to the humidity of the material. Although there are no moisture probes, moisture and aggregate water absorption percentages can be entered manually.

The software allows receiving raw material consumption and production reports, listing records, and issuing e-waybill / waybill. There is no limit to the number of prescriptions, customers, construction sites, trucks, and drivers. If there is a subscription to My Facilities Cloud, this data can be automatically uploaded by entering the username and password. Weighing, mixing and discharging parameters can be entered separately for each recipe.

Thus, concretes with different properties are produced with specific parameters, thus enabling the production of concrete at the desired quality. In case of power failure, production is automatically put on hold.
When the energy comes back, it will continue from where it left off. Authorities for operations such as reading, recording, changing, deleting can be defined separately according to users. All inputs and outputs of operators are logged and these transactions can be reported.

Weighings made manually from the computer or the panel are recorded on the computer with date-time and user information and reported. When automatic production is canceled at any stage, the weighings made up to that point are also added to the manual quantities. When the manual waybill is printed, the quantities of the relevant recipe are deducted from the manual weighings and recorded in the production record.

SQL database is used as the database. Order lists and reports can be easily transferred to any location on the hard disk, external memory or network in many formats, including Excel. Production is made by meeting only the open orders of the current day. Thus, the production of unapproved orders can be prevented.

Recipe classes are defined, accordingly, it is ensured that the selected recipe in the same order is exchanged with the prescriptions in the same group. When the production or the returned product needs to be shipped to different places, necessary corrections, divisions or mergers can be made on the relevant waybill. If the My Facilities Cloud system membership is purchased, all information about the concrete produced is monitored.