Kass Despatch Ebis Connector

Kass Despatch Ebis Connector
Waybill sending is now very easy. Our System We offer the ebis data matrix system requested by the Ministry of Urbanization and Environment, integrated with the e-waybill, to our valued customers.

Our product allows you to read your shipment data from all SQL-based (Firebird, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc.) concrete automation systems, create ebis data matrix and send e-waybill.

The program is very simple and intuitive to use. The controls that will prevent your operator from issuing the wrong waybill are included in the system. It has an automatic update and if an annual update agreement is made, the system automatically updates itself in the updates.
With the Announcements section, information is provided regarding the additional features that are released or added in the regulation.

We work with Uyumsoft, e-Finans, and Digital Planet integrator. If you are working with other integrator service providers, please call us for information.
Data reading may not be possible due to the technology used in some automations. There are interfaces in our system that allow you to create and send a manual waybill for these. You can also use this system for the waybills that you need to issue apart from your current shipments. For example, if you buy concrete under the power plant, you can manually enter the waybill information of your shipment and send the waybill to your driver on the internet.

When your internet is cut off or you encounter a problem caused by the integrator, it may not be possible to send a waybill. For this reason, you can create a draft waybill and send the draft waybill when your internet is available, so that your shipments are not delayed and your concrete is not damaged.
It is possible to receive reports of your shipments and waybills from within the system.

You can update the fields that need to be updated in your ebis recipe parameters without returning to the automation system.

You can update current and site information.

Creating and sending the return waybill through the system has been made very easy.

When used with Tesislerim Cloud System, it helps you to update your passwords for prescription and dispatch note.

Note: 1-year update and support service is free for our customers who purchase our product. At the end of 1 year, you can continue to use the program, but if you want services such as telephone and remote connection support to continue, you must purchase an update and support service package at the end of the 1st year.

Optional feature: We have applications for transferring e-waybills to the accounting software you use.